No Maintenance Plant Solutions

Instantly Enhance Any Indoor Space and Free Up Time with No-Maintenance Plants

Recently here in Texas, we had a

1) Historic Snow Storm and Freezing Temperatures
2) A statewide power outage/rolling blackouts that also affected our water access.
3) Businesses, schools and highways all shut down due to internet outages and road closures.

Quite a week! While we are replacing many plants for clients across San Antonio and Austin, we understand more than ever just how valuable our no-maintenance solutions are to businesses and business owners (or, for our interior designer readers, your clients!). 

Artificial Hanging Plants inside reclaimed barnwood planters | Los Olivos Restaurant, Buda,TX

The Benefits of No Maintenance

Straight to the point, here are the top benefits of incorporating no-maintenance plant solutions indoors.


2) Save TIME. You (or your clients) are trying to run a business. One less thing to worry about, free up time and energy for higher priorities.

3) Better Indoor Experience. Our business is to help your business be more welcoming and healthier for the people who will spend time there. When people feel good in a space, they stay longer, have a more positive experience, and can’t wait to come back.

Pillow Moss As An Attractive Acoustic Wall Panel | Billiards Client in Philidelphia

No Maintenance Solutions Are:


Artificial Plants are exactly what they sound like: Life-like plants made from plastics. These range from succulents, to house plants to full-sized indoor trees. Most look incredibly real! You can learn more and see our gallery HERE.

Preserved Moss is still unknown to many. Preserved moss is real moss that has been harvested and placed through an industry-guarded process that replaces their insides with glycerin. Preserved moss looks and feels as real as the day it was picked. On top of that, it can last for up to ten years! 

We use multiple types of moss to create unique designs, and craft them in-house. 

Moss is also an excellent acoustic solution! With the lowest NRC rating being .55, they are as functional as they are beautiful! We have an entire section on our site dedicated to Moss, just click HERE.

Weather-Proof Your Indoor Garden

While we are major fans of plants here at Green Oasis, we still understand the importance of making nature-inspired designs accessible for all types of businesses and clients. And while we may not see weather like we did last week for another decade (in Texas), the long summer heat is still going to be here soon! 

We hope you found some value in these no-maintenance products! Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion below.


If you want to know more or tell us about a project that you think these would be great for, scheduling a call is easy. Just click below to schedule a 15 minute call. That’s it! 

Green Clouds – An Up and Coming Biophilic Design Trend

Interior Designers are jumping on this Biophilic Design trend and giving attention to an often forgotten space: The ceiling.

We craft these “Green Clouds” with artificial plants, the use of which eliminates the need for maintenance and sunlight.

Did you know that people are likely to spend more time, more money, and leave more positive reviews in a space that contains natural appearances (vs none)?

Click below to see a quick preview of the installation we created for a local, upscale restaurant in the La Cantera Shopping Center.

Client Name:
Location: La Cantera Shopping Center in San Antonio, Texas
Industry: Restaurants + Dining

How is it made?

We use realistic artificial plants and assemble them on metal grates. These are suspended at the desired height from the ceiling (pictured below), making this ideal for covering up unsightly pipes.

An illustration of our Green Ceiling showing how it’s assembled

This product is maintenance free and just as inviting and stimulating as real plants. Delight your guests with an indoor ‘hanging garden’.

Do you have a project this would be perfect for?

We are always happy to provide a free consultation for your projects with one of our excellent project coordinators. Click below to select a call time, we look forward to speaking with you.

Interested in more Zero maintenance solutions? Check out our Moss Walls.

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