Green Wall Project Details

Case Study: Yashu Washu Moss Wall

Green Wall Project with Preserved Moss Wall and Ceiling Panels

Client: Yashu Washu Wet Cleaners /website

Project: Glenview, Illinois Location

Project Specialist: Sheldon Burrows, Green Oasis

The Client

Yashu Washu Wet Cleaners is a company designing the next generation of cleaners. No chemicals, no wire hangers, no plastic bags.

From offering pickup and drop off services in company vans, 24 Hour Locker-Style drop off/pickup, to forgoing the harsh chemicals of dry cleaning, this is a business to watch!


All images courtesy and property of Yashu Washu Wet Cleaners.

Green Wall Project Details


The design intent was to visually convey the eco-friendly core values that guide the way Yashu Washu conducts their business. They are proudly reinventing the way we have our clothes cleaned.

According to their website, “Professional wet cleaning is a water- based, nontoxic, energy-efficient technology that uses computer controlled washers and dryers, specially formulated biodegradable detergents, and specialized finishing equipment to process garments that are otherwise dry cleaned.”

They are the antithesis to the large portion of the Dry Cleaning industry who use “Perchloroethylene or short for PERC. The International Agency for Research on Cancer  has classified tetrachloroethylene as a Group 2A carcinogen, which means that it is probably carcinogenic to humans.”


The client wanted something that looked natural and eye catching. The large Moss Wall was designed with organic flows and patterns, understated but impactful. The ceiling tiles perfectly tie the look together with simple Flat moss and clumps of Pole moss, creating a more immersive experience in the space.  


The primary Moss Wall is situated in a custom frame, made in-house. The ceiling tiles are suspended from the industrial ceiling to hang at the desired height. All preserved Moss Architectural Products are Zero Maintenance. No watering, sunlight or pruning needed. 

Project Components


Custom Framing

Our Production Team creates custom sized framing for many of our projects. Providing this in-house cuts costs for our clients and offers an additional edging option. 



Preserved Moss – Flat + Reindeer + Pole
This Wall will stay green all year around largely because it’s covered in preserved moss. It requires no watering, sunlight, or maintenance of any kind. 

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Ceiling Suspension
Our ceiling panels are secured into the structure of the building, and suspended to the desired height. 

Client Reviews/Feedback

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