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Professional Interior Plant Services for Dallas/FW Businesses

Bringing greenery into your spaces should be easy and beautiful. Plants in indoor spaces:
  • Make Employees, Customers + Clients feel welcome
  • A relaxing atmosphere that people stay in longer
  • Experienced Plant experts to keep plants thriving
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Calvin MacDougall
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They can bring an office to the next level!

After getting quotes to upgrade my office reached 150k I looked for plan B... Luckily plan B was Green Oasis! They made my older office look brand new! I would never have thought plants could make such a difference!

Great job! Highly recommended!
Laura DiChristofaro
Laura DiChristofaro
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Green Oasis is a fantastic resource and their plants are always amazing. I have partnerships with several vendors and I never need to "manage" GO.

They are on top of it so much, I don't even have to worry about the products and service.

Always on time, attention to detail and a wonderful staff.”
Kathy K.
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I researched several vendors for the job, and Green Oasis won my business by a landslide.

They came up with a gorgeous selection of plants and planters, installed everything in an extremely prompt manner, and did an awesome job with maintenance.

I love the fact that they will maintain them for me, as I definitely do not have a green thumb.”
Shekeya McAllister
Shekeya McAllister
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Our Killeen office uses Green Oasis for our live plants in our office. When I tell you the customer service is AMAZING; it truly is.

They always go above and beyond, and that we can appreciate. Their plant care technicians are very professional and the maintenance services are top notch! We look forward to our maintenance visits!

I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for interior plants or to anyone who may have questions about interior plants. I could go on and on, but trust me once you use Green Oasis, you wouldn't use anyone else!

Tranforming Spaces, Experiences,
& Quality of Life with Plants

Your Experience

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Tailored Service

You need plants and planters that are best for the space they will be placed in. Plant types are recommended based on interior conditions. Planters can be matched to the style of the space.

interior plants

Planter Selection

We offer a full catalog of beautiful planters to enhance not only the display of greenery but the overall space.

How professional indoor plant services help businesses in Texas

Top Rated Service

You don't need a green thumb to have beautiful plants. Our highly rated team of horticulture experts come in on the needed cadence to make sure your plants stay beautiful and tidy.

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It takes about 2-3 weeks, with regular updates from the Green Oasis team. This time may be extended in the case of special order planters.
Yes, the minimum is $150/month for guaranteed plant maintenance.
The service is exactly the same. Whether you own the plants or we own the plants, the interior plants are completely guaranteed.
Typically the technician comes every 2 weeks, but in some settings they'll come once a week.
Pests like gnats can be a concern which is why our team is trained on how to monitor them and treat the issue using proprietary procedures and products.
Plant replacements, pest problems etc. will be treated within 48hours. This promise is an instrumental part of the Green Oasis CREED.

Although the POD Living Wall System reduces the need for plant replacements, it does happen. 

Our team makes a switch incredibly easy. If you currently lease your plants we can either follow your current design or up-date it with a better design. If you own your plants, then our team would simply come in and take over the care.
We make it easy. Preferrable we would tour your space, review your current light levels and hear what your design objectives - from this we create a design and proposal for your review. Alternatively, we can also work from plans or photos and videos of your space to create a proposal.
We travel and network around the world to keep up with the latest design trends; we also have a fantastic team of horticulturists dedicated to serving our clients, all working to the Green Oasis Creed.

Finally, we provide our horticulturists with all the tools they need to do their job professionally, including specially outfitted service vans, a cloud-based service app that gives all the information they need at their fingertips.

We cap all this off with a large inventory of plants so that replacements are done promptly - none of our clients have to look at an unsightly plant.

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