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Best Interior Plant Service Companies – Dallas

Who are the Best Interior Plant Service Companies in Dallas? (Reviews/ Ratings)

Dallas’s enjoyment of having plants in our businesses and homes has grown steadily over the years, especially since Covid when our well-being is front and center. Interior plants contribute to our sense of connection. While Green Oasis has been designing and maintaining interior plant displays since 2008, we occasionally get asked who the other interior plant service companies are in Dallas. In our focus on transparency and education below are a few companies to consider in your research.

Urban Jungle – Urban Jungle is a smaller plant company serving the Dallas area.

Plant Decor Inc – Plant Decor has been in business since 1986 offering interior plant service and floral design.

Ambius – Ambius is a large corporation with a satellite office here in Dallas.

In your research, these are a few companies that you can look into. There are many Interior Plant Service companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, these are a few of the ones who have had longevity.

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