Press Coverage: Biophilic Design in Novelis Office Space

We created two moss features for this stunning space
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Publisher: I and S Magazine
Author: Jennie Morton
Client: Novelis
Architecture Firm: Hendrick
Date: May 09, 2023
This article highlights the excellent ways that Novelis and architecture firm Hendrick devised a plan to create an environment embodying the values Novelis stands for. Sustainability was a no-brainer with Novelis’ cradle-to-cradle model of recycling aluminum. The other two pillars of their approach was nature and light. Plants and moss were an important part of bringing their approach full circle.
While the space is flanked with living plants, the Moss installations are zero maintenance. Unlike their living counterparts, they will never need watering or sunlight. Novelis employees and visitors will enjoy these Moss panels just as they are for years to come.

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Green Oasis Novelis Featured Press
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