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What is Preserved Moss?

Preserved Moss is real forest moss and arctic lichen that goes through an industry-guarded process of preservation which keeps the moss just as green as lush as it was the day it was harvested.

It is an incredibly versatile solution that creates the same biological impact as living plants and can be installed anywhere indoors. Assembled by hand, it has unlimited custom design opportunities. 

Why Use It?

A few key reasons why preserved Moss is popular among Designers: it’s a biophilic element with no special environmental needs such as sunlight or watering, its recording studio quality acoustic properties and its versatility to be used in any shape in addition to other elements such as wood or stone.keep

ZERO Maintenance

Acoustic Benefits


Custom Solutions

ZERO Maintenance

Acoustic Benefits


Custom Solutions

Our In-House Brand of Preserved Moss


Our Moss Projects

Types of Moss

Bunn Moss

A dimensional moss, this type gives a 3D look to installations. 

Reindeer Moss

The most versatile moss, available in up to 18 colors, is great for very detailed designs.

Flat Moss


The most cost effective solution for adding moss to large areas while still achieving a natural greenery look.

Pillow Moss


The tallest moss variety we offer, this species has a plush, textured appeal that brings the forest look indoors.

Acoustic Abilities

A functional aspect of preserved moss wall is their acoustic absorption abilities. The Noise Reduction Coefficient scale rates a products ability to make its immediate space quieter on a scale of .0 – 1.0.

Our moss has been tested for their NRC rating with Pole Moss coming in at a 0.90 NRC and Reindeer Moss at 0.55 NRC.

A functional aspect of preserved moss wall is their acoustic absorption abilities. The Noise Reduction Coefficient scale rates a products ability to make its immediate space quieter on a scale of .0 – 1.0.

Our moss has been tested for their NRC ratings and all rank .55 or higher. Bring in visually appealing, branded, biophilic elements that also contribute to acoustic comfort within shared spaces.

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NRC Rating

How To Use Moss In Projects

Large Space

Absorbs Echos

Reduce echoing sounds of footsteps and loud chatter from passerbys.

Incredible Statement Piece

Large Moss Walls are impressive to see and leave a lasting impact on guests.

Create a relaxing, Modern environment

Preserved Moss still provides many of the same benefits as living plants.


Entrance Statement Piece

Many upscale clients of ours have used the unique look that moss provides. Moss is so versatile, you can create a forest look or something more sleek and modern, like the wall pictured here.

Vertical Garden Appearance

We can craft any shape and any size with mixed moss to create the appearance that a garden is growing right from the walls.

Zero Maintenance

Never worry about watering or sunlight. Preserved moss stays beautiful for up to ten years.


Moss Logos

Get your logo crafted with moss applied to your exact logo. Up to 18 different colors to choose from.

Logo with Moss Backdrop

Get your logo fabricated (sourced by BNI) and installed over a beautiful moss backdrop.


Reduce Echo in Open Spaces

A unique and effective way to ensure acoustic comfort for the people using the space.

Create a Unique and Inviting Atmosphere

Not only is it functional, but it’s unique and interesting, giving your space a distinct atmosphere.

Never worry about watering

We cannot stress enough how convenient it is to use preserved moss in interior projects. No watering! No sunlight! No pruning!

Backdrops (Best Seller)

Custom design to set off a logo

Any type of moss or Moss Mix can be assembled to accentuate your company’s logo, tag line, or core values.

multiple substrate options

Wooden frames, heavy-duty felt, and aluminum (for fire standards, if any) are our primary substrate offerings.

fabricated in-house by our team

From custom-framing, wood staining, and assembling moss piece by piece, our team crafts a truly one-of-a-kind solution for each client from A – Z.

Rendering Services

We help you bring your vision to life with the use of digital renderings. These are not exact depictions of a final product but are created to scale and help provide project stakeholders a point of reference to sign off on projects.

Renderings are a great tool for:

          – Stakeholder buy-in
          – Overall design: creation / materials / final design
          – Choosing best product for specific spaces

How We Work With You


Many of our clients have never worked with preserved moss before, but are interested in offering it to their clients. We are there every step of the way to provide you with the knowledge you need to wow your clients. 


Whether you have a vision you need fulfilled or need some help crafting the perfect moss product, we have lots of experience in both. Tell us what works for you.


We know how crucial it is to have something to show to your clients to help make informed decisions. We provide renderings of your projects that help convey what the finish product should look like.


Some projects can take years. Some projects have roadblocks. Anything can happen and we are always willing to address any concerns and stay flexible. Call us anytime during business hours and reach a real person, not a machine.


While we don’t have a Domino’s Pizza Tracker (yet) for our products, we do send photo updates throughout the creation phase to make sure we are on track and you and your clients are happy.


Your success is our success. We love delivering products that make our clients happy. Our team works hard to ensure that we are delivering the best moss solutions in the industry.