Moss Walls for Indoor Projects

Transform your space with Preserved Moss Walls for immersive and inviting experiences. Crafted from preserved moss, these moss wall installations bring nature indoors while improving air quality and reducing noise. Experience biophilic design’s benefits and enhance any environment with a tranquil oasis that promotes well-being and productivity.







What Are Preserved Moss Walls?

Moss Walls are one of the newest trends in architectural products and interior design. A Moss Wall is a unique way to incorporate greenery into urban spaces. Moss Walls have many practical benefits, including reduced noise levels in a room. They also create an inviting atmosphere that can help foster connection by bringing people together in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Studies have shown that exposure to nature has a calming effect on people, making them less likely to experience anxiety or depression when surrounded by nature-inspired elements like Moss Walls. As the design world takes on the challenge of redesigning indoor experiences for hybrid work, improved healthcare, and human-focused experiences, indoor moss walls answer several needs. They infuse greenery elements without taking up valuable floor space, they require no water or sunlight, and they are an incredibly adaptable design feature. Green Oasis has helped Interior Designers, Architects, General Contractors, Business Owners and more get Moss Green Walls + Plants for their indoor projects for the last 12+ years


Our Moss Wall Projects

How Our Moss Walls Are Made

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Preserved Moss

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Acoustic Felt Substrate

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Our moss walls are made from different types of preserved moss. Much like moss wall tiles, the moss can be arranged in a spectrum of designs and patterns to create the desired effect. They are made by adhering the moss to an acoustic felt substrate and mounting them onto an interior wall.

They are increasingly popular because they enable designers to create nature-inspired interiors without the long term care of living plants. Read the Full Article How Moss Walls Are Made…..

Ways to Use Preserved Moss Walls

Types of Preserved Moss Walls

Pole Moss Walls

Pole Moss (Bunn Moss)

Utilize Poll forest moss for striking 3D designs. Its rich texture and depth make it ideal for standout accents or full moss wall installations, turning any space into a captivating oasis.
Reindeer Moss Walls

Reindeer Moss

Available in over 14 vibrant moss colors, this highly versatile preserved moss is ideal for intricate projects, such as lettering and logos. Its adaptability and precision make it the perfect choice for our SereniTile product line, transforming any space with its exceptional detail and charm.
Pillow Moss Walls

Pillow Moss

As the largest among preserved moss varieties, this moss type shares the modular shape of Pole Moss, enabling the creation of stunning 3D visuals. Its popularity in crafting the sought-after Forest Look design showcases its ability to bring natural depth and beauty to any space.
Flat Moss Walls

Flat Moss

A true powerhouse among preserved mosses, this compact variety is the shortest of all. Primarily utilized to create a textured “background” for more three-dimensional moss types, it expertly enhances the depth and visual interest in any moss wall design.

Benefits of Preserved Moss Walls

Acoustic Rated

Each of our moss types boasts distinct NRC ratings, complemented by our acoustic felt substrate. Moss walls effectively minimize ambient noise from foot traffic and hard surfaces, enhancing the acoustic comfort of your space and promoting a more serene and enjoyable environment.


Moss walls can scale to any size indoors and our Acoustic Felt Substrate can be installed on curved surfaces, making the design possibilities nearly unlimited. Moss wall panels make excellent feature walls for stairwells, atrium lobbies, and more.

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Water Conservation

With no need for watering, moss products are an eco-conscious choice, minimizing water consumption in the long run. Embrace the most environmentally friendly option while enjoying the lasting beauty and benefits of these sustainable, low-maintenance moss wall designs.

zero maintenance

The moss used in walls like these are preserved. It stays lush and green and never needs watering, sunlight or pruning. Read our full article about Living vs Preserved Moss.




Green Oasis Preserved Moss Wall eBook
  • Perfect for A+D Professionals looking to specify a Moss Wall
  • Everything you need to specify Moss Walls/Tiles into Commercial Projects
  • Understand how to design with Moss
  • Learn about our Moss Types + Substrates


Indoor Preserved Moss Walls FAQs

We answer the top Moss Walls questions in under 2 minutes in this quick video.

The moss we use is "real" moss but it has gone through a preservation process that keeps it fresh and green for years without water or sunlight.

Short answer: no
We use real Moss that has been sustainably harvested oversees and put through an industry-secret process of preservation. This process allows it to feel as soft as the day it was picked and stay that way for years.

While we have never had a case of one of our Moss Walls collecting dust, that doesn't mean various debris might not find its way into it. If you need to clear any dry elements from the moss, a light spray of canned air (the kind you clean your keyboards with) will do the trick.

Drier environments, like in Arizona, that have less humidity in the air increase the chances of certain moss type drying out. If a moss wall is being installed in a drier environment, we will make moss type recommendations and misting schedule instructions.

We also recommend that they are not installed next to windows where direct sunlight will be hitting them for significant amounts of time. 

Moss Walls can be touched without harming it, we strongly recommend that it is left untouched and installed away from high foot traffic areas. Consistent agitation to the moss could result in those areas separating from the substrate.

Moss Walls range from a few feet to several stories. Because they are assembled modularly, they can be nearly any size.

The short answer is no. 

Direct sunlight, rain, birds and insects to name a few things will quickly deteriorate your Moss Wall. 

Our standard lead times fall between 6-8 weeks. Some exceptions apply, such as project scale, product availability, etc. Your project specialist will guide you through this during your project consultation. 

We build the moss wall, crate up the panels and have it shipped wherever the project is anywhere in the continental US. If you do not have a team/contractor who can install it, we can arrange for a GO team member to be onsite for installation. 

We service anywhere in the continental US. Canadian clients can reach out directly for more information. 

Sign up for a consultation here on our site by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. 

One of our Project Specialists will be in touch within 2 business days for a free 15 minute consultation. 

You will receive a quote from us, and once you accept we get started. We help you work out the design with our Product Designer who creates 3D renderings and shop drawings for your approval. 

When the design is approved by you/stakeholders, we submit the work order to our in-house production team. 

We send you photos of the assembled product before shipping.

Once approved, we crate the product, ship to the project location, and even provide installation services if required (included in quote).

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