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Why Live Plants?

Studies are showing that having interior plants directly correlates to improved mood, productivity, focus, increased spending, faster healing times and higher ratings of experience in that space from customers.

Create better experiences indoors that keep people connected and happy to spend time in with nature.

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Lean on our years of experience for selecting the best plant solutions for your business.

Sourcing + Installation

From planters, the plants and getting them installed at your location, we take care of everything.

Plant Care

We offer multiple plans for long term plant care so your plants stay beautiful while you focus on your business.

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Plants + Planters make a big impact on any space they are installed. Let us help you select the right ones for your space.

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Creating an environment that calms and feels luxurious requires a number of elements and Living Plant Walls are a top feature. Plants indoors are shown to have positive effects and clients, shoppers, and guests including staying longer in the space and increased spending. 

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(Plant service for Live Walls only provided within service area)

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Make your business holiday-ready with our expert designer. We provide design, installation and storage solutions.

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Biophilic Design

The Benefits of Live Plants

The Benefits of Live Plants

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The Benefits of Live Plants

Quality of Life Indoors

Employee turnover costs are extremely high as is sick leave. Plants are proven to absorb harmful toxins that we would otherwise breath. Things like formaldehyde and benzene released by carpet, desks, upholstery and other man made material. Office plants have been proved to help reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), and are a key player in producing a healthy indoor environment where employees want to work.

Improved Experiences

Studies show that natural elements in retail environments are directly related to longer browsing time and increased spending. Clients are more drawn to and report better stays in hotels/resorts that have a high quantity of natural elements as well as access to nature.

Biophilic Impact

All humans have a subconscious connection with nature. Whereas Sustainability measures our impact on the environment, Biophilic Design focuses on how our environments impact us. 
By reestablishing the link between nature and people, we create an environment where staff are positive, comfortable, and happy.
The measured effects of this are increased productivity, less sick days, and lower staff turnover.

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