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Our Signature Interior Plant Service Is What Green Oasis is
Best Known For Locally. We Proudly Provide Businesses
All Across Texas With Beautiful Plants, Endto-End Installations,
Flexible Plans, and Excellent Horticulture Technicians.

Why Do You Need Interior Plant Services?

Do you need to improve the atmosphere of your office or workspace? Look no further than Green Oasis!

With years of experience helping customers find their perfect interior plant solutions, we have become renowned throughout San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston for our signature interior plant services.

Not only are these beautiful indoor plant additions aesthetically pleasing; studies show they can also be linked with increased productivity, spending rates in that space as well as enhanced customer satisfaction ratings.

Our team will provide a comprehensive range of indoor plant care services, including plant sourcing and installation – allowing you to rest easy knowing everything is taken care of from start to finish!


What to Expect From Plant Service

A look at the process from A-Z

Buyers Guide to Plant Service from Green Oasis. Look at the process from onboarding, planning, to installation and ongoing care. 

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Our Plant Care Projects

Our Core Interior Plant Service Offerings

Customized Indoor Plant Consultations

Lean on our years of experience for selecting the best indoor plant solutions for your unique business space.

End-to-End Indoor Plant Sourcing + Installation

From planters, the indoor plants themselves, and getting all plants carefully and attractively installed at your location, we take care of everything.

Long-Term Indoor Plant Care Service

Our long-term interior plant care services are available in different plan types so your plants stay healthy and beautiful while you focus on your business operations.


Plants + Planters make a big impact on any space they are installed. Let us help you select the right indoor floor plants for your space.

Talk to a Project Specialist
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Texas-based interior plant service for indoor floor plants


Creating an indoor business environment that calms and feels luxurious requires a number of elements and Living Plant Walls are a top feature. Plants indoors are shown to have positive effects and clients, shoppers, and guests including staying longer in the space and increased spending.

Learn More About Living Walls
(Plant service for Live Walls only provided within service area)
Texas-based interior plant service for living plant walls


Make your business holiday-ready with our expert indoor plant design services. We provide professional design, installation and storage solutions.

See our Holiday Indoor Plant Design Packages
Texas-based indoor holiday plant and tree design service

Biophilic Design

How Live Indoor Plants Help Businesses Grow

How professional indoor plant services help businesses in Texas

Better Indoor Quality of Life

Employee turnover costs are extremely high as is sick leave. Plants are proven to absorb harmful toxins that we would otherwise breathe. Things like formaldehyde and benzene are released by carpets, desks, upholstery and other man-made material.

Indoor plants have been proven to help reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), and are a key player in producing a healthy indoor environment where employees want to work.

Improved Indoor Experiences

Studies show that natural elements in retail environments are directly related to longer browsing time and increased spending.
Clients are more drawn to and report better stays in hotels/resorts that have a high quantity of natural elements—as well as access to nature.

Better Biophilic Impact

All humans have a subconscious connection with nature. Whereas Sustainability measures our impact on the environment, Biophilic Design focuses on how our environments impact us.

By re-establishing the link between nature and people through indoor plants, we create an environment where employees are positive, comfortable, and happy. The measured effects of this are increased productivity, fewer sick days, and lower staff turnover.


It takes about 2-3 weeks, with regular updates from the Green Oasis team. This time may be extended in the case of special order planters.
Yes, the minimum is $150/month for guaranteed plant maintenance.
The service is exactly the same. Whether you own the plants or we own the plants, the interior plants are completely guaranteed.
Typically the technician comes every 2 weeks, but in some settings they'll come once a week.
Pests like gnats can be a concern which is why our team is trained on how to monitor them and treat the issue using proprietary procedures and products.
Plant replacements, pest problems etc. will be treated within 48hours. This promise is an instrumental part of the Green Oasis CREED.

Although the POD Living Wall System reduces the need for plant replacements, it does happen. 

Our team makes a switch incredibly easy. If you currently lease your plants we can either follow your current design or up-date it with a better design. If you own your plants, then our team would simply come in and take over the care.
We make it easy. Preferrable we would tour your space, review your current light levels and hear what your design objectives - from this we create a design and proposal for your review. Alternatively, we can also work from plans or photos and videos of your space to create a proposal.
We travel and network around the world to keep up with the latest design trends; we also have a fantastic team of horticulturists dedicated to serving our clients, all working to the Green Oasis Creed.

Finally, we provide our horticulturists with all the tools they need to do their job professionally, including specially outfitted service vans, a cloud-based service app that gives all the information they need at their fingertips.

We cap all this off with a large inventory of plants so that replacements are done promptly - none of our clients have to look at an unsightly plant.

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