About Green Oasis

Get to know the Team behind the Mission and Vision of Green Oasis

Who We Are

Green Oasis is a family-owned and operated business based in Texas who started out from very humble beginnings and have grown our business to serve clients across the United States.

We are on a mission to become the #1 Biophilic Design Partner to people and companies that want to create better, healthier urban environments centered on the human experience


A Brief History

The Green Oasis story is not unlike millions of small businesses across America. Our family really enjoys nature and plants in particular – we followed our passion and Green Oasis was born. Initially, Green Oasis was just the McAbery family, and slowly, we have grown to a respectable, passionate team with a mission to bring nature back into people’s lives.

Based in San Antonio, we started by serving businesses in Austin and San Antonio, providing an Interior Plant Service, we have since morphed into serving business and designers across the US bringing a broad palette of custom biophilic solutions. With a focus on service, we have become a leading source of horticulture expertise and design in the markets we serve.

The core of all this is the Green Oasis Creed. This customer-centric approach is spread across the team and leads to customers that stay with Green Oasis, we are pleased to say that our very first customer from 2008 is still a happy customer today. We are not the largest company in the industry and have no intention of this. We measure our success by how well we improve the lives of our clients and the Green Oasis Team. I trust you give us an opportunity to work with you and your projects, we think you will be glad you did!


Restoring Humanity To Its Roots.

We believe that people feel and live better when they are connected to Nature in the daily course of their lives. While there are some that already do, most people live in urban environments where nature has been kept out by design.

Now those in the Architectural, Interior and Wellness professions are recognizing mankind’s need for this crucial connection as illness rises and quality of life declines. Green Oasis is a dedicated Biophilic Design Partner in bringing natural elements into urban spaces with expertise, care, and dedication to transforming our modern world.



Tranforming Spaces, Experiences & Quality of Life with Plants.

Why plants? The positive impact of having plants around us indoors is measurable.
Multiple studies are showing direct correlation between faster healing times, sharper focus, improved mood, and increased creativity. Many of our clients rely on our expertise of over a decade in providing the best plant-based solutions for interior spaces.

From selecting the right species of plants, designing living walls, hand-crafting custom moss walls, and so much more, we focus on the best way to ensure optimal benefits of any space.