Living Walls

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Build to Any Space Size

What are Living Walls?

Living Walls are the frameworks for placing living plants in vertical spaces both indoors and out. These systems usually include irrigation and drainage that allow the plants to thrive and contribute to healthier spaces.

Living Walls are the answer to reforming urban living on a mass scale. With the ability to build these directly onto structures of any size, we can transform large cities with living vertical gardens that improve air quality and increase biodiversity. These can range in scale from an average sized wall indoors to covering an entire building.

Our Living Wall Installations

About Living Walls

Incorporating a Living Wall is no small feat but the benefits last for years. Outdoor live walls promote biodiversity, insulate and protect the building, and help purify the air. Indoor Live Walls greatly boost the mood and productivity of the people within the space, purify the air, and project an upscale aesthetic.

Green Walls will also help earn LEED Credits and WELL Building Points. Please request the list of the different categories Live Walls provide credits for.

The keys to creating a successful Live Green Wall is:

  • Properly planned Plant Material
  • Growing Medium and Structure
  • Irrigation System or Method
  • Trained Maintenance Personnel

Benefits of Living Walls

Live Plants

Acoustic Comfort

Air Purifying

Custom Solutions

Living Wall Technology

Pod Technology

One of our systems is connectable pods that make it easy to accommodate different dimensions and spaces. Its comprehensive irrigation and watering system help plants thrive in their vertical spaces.

With each plant fitted into its own pod, the overall design stays intact. No sliding plants! The pod system prevents the plants from sitting in water for too long and the plants from wilting or dying so you aren’t paying for replacements over and over.  

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The Custom Design

With a full selection of wall systems to choose from (there is not a one size fits all solution for this) we can assist in selecting what is right for you. Each green wall installation has gone through an thorough process to determine the best system and best plant selection for the space.

The right plants add color, interest, and life. We take into consideration light, size constraints, and desired look to create stunning living walls. In some cases we provide digital renderings to help the process of plant selection and placement. 

The Service

Our team of horticulturists provide the on-going maintenance expertise to keep the wall vibrant. We are specialists in our industry. The Green Oasis team has over 10 years of experience in this field. 

Techs are given supplies they need to attend any issue that could arise with your green wall. Constant training ensures that technicians are up-to-date with new plant trends and methods of care.

The Benefits

A green wall enhances the experience of your space while ridding the air of harmful toxins and reducing noise levels. Studies have shown that exposure to nature creates an measurable boost in productivity, creativity, and good mood.

For exterior walls, this solution gives a boost to biodiversity (insects + birds) improves air quality, decreases risk of vandalism, and even provides insulation for the building. 

Exterior Modules

Our exterior Living Wall is a more involved process than our Pod Technology. Exterior walls are exposed to all types of weather conditions and wind speeds.

To prevent sliding plants and plants getting blown away entirely, we go through a process of establishing the plants in the modules. This is typically done in our greenhouse. 

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