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What are Living Plant Walls?

Vertical Gardens are rising in popularity all over the world as human well-being has become the focal point of urban design.

Living Plant Walls are composed of live plants and housing units with either an internal or external irrigation system. The plants are potted and placed in the housing which utilizes a top-down watering functionality.

Green Oasis walks you through every step of the process to efficiently specify Living Plant Walls into your projects. Our proprietary POD Living Wall System is your ticket to highly customizable designs, reduced maintenance, and unlimited scale Plant Walls.


Install Almost Anywhere

Indoors + outdoors

Scales to Any Size

Works on Curved Surfaces




Connection to Nature

Acoustic Comfort

Cooling Effect



Specifying Living Walls with Green Oasis


This is the average lead time. Times may vary depending on project requirements.


Get a visual reference created by our in-house designer to get the closest project preview possible.

$115-$175 per sq ft

The final $ per square foot will be determined by your Project Specialist after reviewing your project brief.


Living Wall Project for MGAC Los Angeles Office

A Living Plant Wall Project for one of our clients was featured in their video introducing their new office space.



Sustainability, all-natural ingredients, alternative textiles and more are becoming best practices in consumer brands. Showcase your commitment to your values with dynamic visuals. 


Creating an environment that calms and feels luxurious requires a number of elements and Living Plant Walls are a top feature. Plants indoors are shown to have positive effects and clients, shoppers, and guests including staying longer in the space and increased spending. 


Creating spaces that foster employee connection and well being in a world working from home as the norm requires takes thoughtful planning and insights. Having live plants in your offices have shown to increase focus, reduce sick days, and boost overall well being. 


Initial Consultation


Prefab + Plant Prep




POD Living Wall System

Green Oasis uses what’s called the POD Living Wall System. This unique modular system:

  • Is Easy to Install
  • Is Able to Extend Plant Life
  • Can be installed on Irregular Surfaces
  • Learn All About the POD System Here


Our standard lead times fall between 6-8 weeks. Some exceptions apply, such as project scale, product availability, etc. Your project specialist will guide you through this during your project consultation. 

$115 - $175

The final price is determined by the entirety of the projects needs which is reviewed with you by our Project Specialists. 

This is broken down for you in our article The Cost of a Living Plant Wall if you want to learn more.

Green Oasis does provide the plants with the system. We provide an assortment of options that are best suited for a Living Plant Wall for your selection.

They are then potted into the POD Living Wall System Grow Pots and transported with your wall.

In some scenarios, we are able to source plants local to the project location, and pot them onsite.

Once the wall is installed, a trained maintenance technician will service the wall going forward. The plant maintenance covers cleaning, pruning, watering, pest control and replacements.

Living wall success is usually guaranteed by the service company, so any plant that needs to be replaced will be covered by service company without any extra surprise costs for the client

The wall is irrigated across the top POD of each column, water is run through this pipeline and it flows down through each POD, behind the locked-in plants. 

Our Living Walls are plumbed in a way that allows a technician to connect a water supply to an accessible intake valve and allow it to drain back to the bottom into a catch basin or watering cart. 

Although the POD Living Wall System reduces the need for plant replacements, it does happen. 

Absolutely. The PODS are made from weather-treated recycled materials, and will stand up to even freezing temperatures. 

There are multiple benefits to outdoor Living Walls including lowering overall building temperatures and encouraging biodiversity in urban areas.

If you are within our service areas between San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX we will happily provide ongoing maintenance services for your wall.

Outside our service area, local plant care vendors to the installation should be available. 

PODs are 11.875" wide, 7.32" tall, and 3.5" deep.

A licensed plumber will tap our wall into a direct point of connection. We put a pressure reducer, controller and flow valve on the irrigation line to monitor the usage and control when the wall is watered

Depending on the wall size and when the wall is designed/installed, the walls can be hooked directly up to a drain, have a catch basin or the technician can just use a catch bucket when watering the wall. Walls plumbed to a direct point of connection must have adequate drainage

PSI needs to be at least 25 PSI for a directly irrigated wall.

Pests can be a problem, yes. The Pod system does a wonderful job though of keeping debris away from the water.

This is important because some systems allow for organic matter to fall into the water and it starts to decompose -  this creates a feeding ground for pests like Gnats. And if pest problems do still occur, they can absolutely be treated.

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