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Green Clouds – An Up and Coming Biophilic Design Trend

Interior Designers are jumping on this trend to give attention to an often forgotten space: The ceiling.

We craft these “Green Clouds” with artificial plants that eliminate the need for maintenance and sunlight.

Did you know that people are likely to spend more time, more money, and leave more positive reviews in a space that contains natural elements vs no natural elements?

Here is a quick preview of the installation we just did for a local, upscale restaurant in the La Cantera Shopping Center.

Client Name:
Location: La Cantera Shopping Center in San Antonio, Texas
Industry: Restaurants + Dining

How is it made?

We use realistic artificial plants and assemble them on metal grates. These are suspended at the desired height from the ceiling (pictured below), making this ideal for covering up unsightly pipes.

hanging plants illustration

It’s maintenance free and just as inviting and stimulating as real plants, and your guests get the experience of an indoor garden, and no plants need to be replaced constantly as a result.

Do you have a project this would be perfect for?

We are always happy to provide a free consultation for your projects with one of our excellent project coordinators. Click below to select a call time, we look forward to speaking with you.

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