Project Overview

World Map
Moss Wall

A last minute design change
turns into a Biophilic addition

Dallas, TX

Client: HITT Contracting /website
Project: ICF
Project Specialist: Stuart McAbery, Green Oasis


After the client denied the initial elevation design, the HITT team had to go back to the drawing board with only 6 weeks left on the project. They came up with a Green Wall for this LEED project, then set out to find a subcontractor who could make the deadline.  
moss wall panels for an office cta


The design is a World Map, minus Antarctica. The substrate was doubled for the continents so they could appear three dimensional.
The continents are made with Forest Green and Light Green Reindeer Moss while the ‘ocean’ is made with Flat Moss.
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  • The wall is made entirely of preserved Moss and acoustic felt substrate.
  • It has an NRC rating of .55+.
  • SPECS: W 20′-1″ x H 7′-11″
  • Signage installed by others.
  • Moss Wall custom world map ICF Green Oasis

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    Project Components

    reindeer moss forest

    Preserved Moss
    This wall uses Reindeer Moss and Flat Moss

    Learn More About Moss Walls Here.

    GO substrate felt plywood
    Multiple Substrates The vertical wall is constructed with acoustical felt substrate which we double layered for the continents to stand out farther than the ocean.
    ICF Spec Sheet v4 2
    Digital Renderings
    This project relied on at-scale digital renderings to ensure project success and quality. We take pride in offering this service to our clients for highly customized projects like this one.

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