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We’re the Interior Plant Care Service San Antonio Businesses Trust. We take care of the plants while you take care of business!

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Calvin MacDougall
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They can bring an office to the next level!

After getting quotes to upgrade my office reached 150k I looked for plan B... Luckily plan B was Green Oasis! They made my older office look brand new! I would never have thought plants could make such a difference!

Great job! Highly recommended!







The Interior Plant Service Provider San Antonio Businesses Trust
San Antonio businesses have been turning to Green Oasis for Interior Plant Service for over a decade and for good reason.

Not only do we guide you through the process of selecting the right plants for your interior, we also have a wide selection of planters and a full team of horticulture technicians that take care of your plants.

Set a meeting with one of our designers who are experts at assisting you in finding the office plants or interior plants that will complement your space.
Beautiful office plants and planters with no effort on your part. Let our skilled Horticulture Technicians keep your space vibrant and welcoming while you focus on your business.

No guesswork involved, we take the time to understand the space you want greenery in and recommend the best indoor plant solutions. Sunlight, accessibility, and airflow all affect the ability of a plant to survive. We get into the details to ensure your installation is a success.

Learn more about Interior Plant Service and our seasonal Holiday Decor Services
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  • Multi-Site Service
  • Plant Recommendations
  • Plant Provision
  • Holiday Decor
Say goodbye to boring! It’s easier than ever to select the planters that truly flow with your space. Our convenient catalog allows you to make the best selection and feel confident in your choice.
Living Plant Walls have quickly become one of the most exciting Interior Design trends in the past few years.

Creating such a striking visual impact, reshaping the interior environment and all without consuming floor space is widely appealing.

This is made even easier with our POD Living Wall System.

Talk to one of our Specialists about a Living Wall with ongoing maintenance by filling out the form below.
Our Live Wall Projects NRCC GO3

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City limits of San Antonio and some surrounding areas

We have been taking care of our clients plants in Texas for over 12 years

We offer

  • Plant maintenance
  • Plant sourcing
  • Planter sourcing
  • Maintenance take-over from other providers
  • Free consultations
  • Living Plant Walls
  • Moss Walls
  • Artificial Plants
Yes, we work with the best growers around the country and maintain a small inventory here at our Green Oasis headquarters.

After you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, our specialist will reach out to you and get the full project scope.

Depending on your goals, we will create a custom quote package for you to review and edit/sign off on. Once we receive the sign off, we get to work sourcing your plants/planters and assigning you a Horticulture Technician.

We work hard to prevent plant failure and catch early signs of potential issues but we do also provide plant replacements. Our on-site inventory enables us to do many of these replacements more quickly.

Depending on the scope of the project, it can take several days to one week for large projects. Our specialists are very good about getting quick quotes due to our years of experience.

Ready to get service started?

1. Fill out this form.

2. A Project Specialist will contact you in less than 2 business days.

3. We’ll review your goals/project needs and make recommendations.

4. We help you choose the right plants (and provide them).

5. We send you a quote, and once you sign off we get the process started. 

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