Artificial Plants Never Need
Maintenance or Watering. We use quality,
hyper-realistic plant products to keep
your space looking fresh year round.

Why Artificial Plants?

Some spaces cannot support live plants when conditions do not meet sunlight or easy access for watering requirements. We understand that caring for plants, especially multiple varieties, can be challenging. We provide a range of realistic artificial plant products that make the beauty of nature accessible with zero maintenance.

Did you know that even the appearance or a view of nature is shown to have similar benefits to actually being in nature? The use of artificial plants where living plants could not survive is a helpful way to bring the beauty and benefits of nature into a space. 

ZERO Maintenance


Looks Real

Custom Solutions

Our Artificial Plant Projects

Artificial Plants Are Typically Best For:

Less Than Ideal Conditions

If a space cannot support living plants, Artificial Plants and/or Preserved Moss options are absolutely recommended.

Special Installations

In our gallery above you will see we have Artificial Plants dripping from hanging planters in a ceiling and placed between the slats of a wall-sized installation. Live plants would not survive these applications.

Small Businesses

Some business owners do not have the time for or enough knowledge of plant care, which is fairly common. We believe everyone should be able to beautify their space with plants to enhance their customer experience and grow their business.


In many cases, Artificial "and" Live plants will serve a space, it all comes down to a comprehensive consultation by our team to help guide you to the best solutions for your needs.

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