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Backcountry Retail Stores

Preserved Moss Walls

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Client: David A Levy & Associates /website
Project: Backcountry Retail Stores /website
Project Specialist: Stuart McAbery, Green Oasis


The concept behind this series of Moss Walls for Backcountry Retail stores was to visually create the connection with the outdoors.
The Backcountry brand caters to the outdoor lifestyle and these Moss Walls immediately resonate with customers when they visit these locations.
Green Oasis Backcountry installation moss wall


  The preserved Moss Wall designs are actually different from location to location. The Moss types change as well as the dimensions. The client designed each store individually and our Moss Wall products adapted to those differences.
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  • Preserved Moss – no maintenance or watering EVER
  • Varying designs made with Pole Moss and Reindeer Moss
  • All Moss Walls are Backcountry Logo Backdrops
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    Project Components

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    Preserved Moss – Flat + Reindeer
    This Wall will stay green all year around largely because it’s covered in preserved moss. It requires no watering, sunlight, or maintenance of any kind. 

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    GO substrate felt plywood

    Acoustic Felt Substrate
    Lightweight but sturdy enough to hold the Moss and be precisely cut to size. Our felt is made with nearly 60% recycled materials and adds another layer of sound absorbancy.

    backcountry preserved moss wall 3d rendering
    Digital Renderings
    This project relied on at-scale digital renderings to ensure project success and quality. We take pride in offering this service to our clients for highly customized projects like this one.

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