Biophilic Greenery Trends in the EU

If you want to get ahead on trends, just look across the pond...
In the dynamic fields of interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture, continuous innovation propels the industry into new frontiers. This exploration into the transformative influence of incorporating greenery indoors is a global phenomenon. However, it is the trailblazing designers in Europe who are leading the charge, offering a fresh perspective on sustainable and visually appealing commercial projects.

Discover the groundbreaking projects honored by EILO’s Best Project Award 2023.

European Pioneers in Biophilic Greenery Design

European designers are redefining the integration of greenery within commercial spaces. From offices to retail establishments, the inventive use of plants and green elements has become synonymous with cutting-edge European design.

EILO’s Best Project Award 2023 unveils remarkable examples of how European designers seamlessly blend nature with architecture. This showcase provides valuable insights for American professionals looking to infuse functionality with biophilic design elements in their projects.
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Lessons from Across the Atlantic

The commitment to a future-oriented vision and hands-on approach resonate with European designers’ ethos. With a decade of experience collaborating with architects and designers, they have contributed to some of the world’s most iconic corporate campuses.

American professionals can draw inspiration from this holistic approach to design, leveraging greenery to enhance well-being, foster creativity, and elevate the overall experience within commercial environment

The Green Revolution: Elevating American Design

As American design professionals seek inspiration, the European green revolution offers a rich palette of ideas to enhance their projects. Incorporating greenery indoors contributes not only to a more sustainable future but also to visually stunning and human-centric spaces.

Explore the award-winning projects on EILO’s platform for inspiration in infusing nature into various commercial settings. From vertical gardens in offices to biophilic design elements in hospitality establishments, these projects illustrate the limitless possibilities of integrating greenery into the built environment.
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The infusion of greenery indoors emerges as a powerful trend that extends beyond aesthetics. European designers celebrated by EILO’s Best Project Award 2023 are at the forefront of this movement, challenging norms and reshaping the way we envision commercial spaces.

American design professionals are encouraged to explore the showcased projects, drawing inspiration from the harmonious marriage of nature and design. By embracing the green revolution, we can collectively contribute to creating sustainable, visually appealing, and functional commercial spaces that stand the test of time.
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