Project Overview

Miro Corporate Offices

Extensive Planting, Interior + Exterior, Consulting

Austin Texas

Client: Miro / website Project: Miro Offices, Austin TX
Project Architect: M Moser Associates
Project Specialist: Stuart McAbery, Green Oasis
Project Partners: MOSS Amsterdam, The Blackland Collaborative, The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Photo Credit:Fine Focus Photography

After the completion of Miro’s Amsterdam offices, M Moser and Miro set their sights on the Austin, Texas location. As their team had doubled from 2020-2022, they needed to create a desirable space to accommodate and engage their team. In true team building fashion,they held online focus groups with team members from around the world including the future occupants of the space and leadership.
Two floors, a staircase and outdoor terraces were fitted for planters and plants to create inviting spaces to work, socialize and rest in this Project.
MOSS Amsterdam, The Blackland Collaborative and The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center worked together to identify a list of native species for outdoor areas that would attract local wildlife to the tower.
With the Miro team taking up two floors of the Colorado Tower, they still needed flexibility with their space. The planter modules were developed to be mobile, so meeting areas, enclosed spaces and a sense of privacy could be initiated as needed. These planters are the basis of our line of Connect Planters, which are made and shipped in the US.

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Project Components

Modular Planters – standard shapes made in a range of sizes to create the needed layouts. These planters are now available from Green Oasis directly, view our Connect Planters page.
Installation and Service Planting done onsite by Green Oasis.
The Green Oasis Austin Horticulture Team continues to maintain this incredible space. Learn more about our Interior Plant Services.
Plants were planted directly into this stairwell and supplemental planters were mounted on the railings to maintain immersion of Nature.

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