Project Overview

Preserved Moss Wall with Artificial Plants

Acoustic Solution using a Green Wall

Confidential Location

Client: Alliance Architecture /website
Project: Confidential Office
Project Specialist: Sheldon Burrows, Green Oasis


“[The client] wanted something that wasn’t going to be an ongoing maintenance issue.” Tom Mazcko of Alliance Architecture detailed how a Preserved Moss Wall became the final design choice for this four story stairwell.

They needed a green element as well as an acoustical component that could also fit within the limited depth of wall space. A preserved Moss Wall fit the design and budget.
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This preserved Moss Wall is 4 stories tall that transitions to an elevated plynth at the bottom. The design uses a combo of Flat Moss and Pole Moss. The extended plynth at the bottom is embellished with artificial plantings.

multi story moss wall indoors


  This wall is installed behind a 4-story stairwell as an acoustic and biophilic solution. It uses our Organic Mix pattern with:
  • Pole Moss
  • Flat Moss
  • Pillow Moss The wall contains an extended plynth underneath the stairs. We used foam substrate to emulated a natural forest terrain and give depth. We filled in this portion with Artificial Plants.
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Project Components

Pole Moss Swatch

Preserved Moss
Our unique, modular Living Wall system made it possible to house living plants in the unique patterns you see on both sides of the wall.
Learn More About Moss Walls Here.

GO Moss Artificial Plants2
Artificial Plants
This Wall will stay green all year around largely because it’s covered in preserved moss. It requires no watering, sunlight, or maintenance of any kind. 
Learn More About Artificial Plants
moss substrates
Multiple Substrates
The vertical wall is constructed with acoustical felt substrate and the plynth extension at the bottom is made from a sculpted foam.
draft 5 plynth.190
Digital Renderings
This project relied on at-scale digital renderings to ensure project success and quality. We take pride in offering this service to our clients for highly customized projects like this one.

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