Project Overview

Multi Story Living Plant Wall + Peninsulas

Live Plants housed inside
the POD Living Wall System

San Antonio, Texas

Client: Fasken Oil and Ranch
Project: WellMed Lobby /website
Project Specialist: Mike McAbery, Green Oasis


Our clients needed to incorporate a natural component into this LEED certified project and our POD System sold them on living plant walls.
These massive plant installations were strategically placed in areas meant for socializing on the ground floor. The beautiful plants give the space an inviting calm.
Living Wall Hero Gallery Green Oasis 20239


  We went through several iterations of plant types and layouts before landing on several plant species we felt would thrive in the spac. Plant selection is key for a successful Living Plant Wall. We took into account available sunlight and airflow.
It’s important to note that the plants are pre-potted in the POD pots long before installation but still require time to completely “fill in”. The system will be mildly viewable for a few weeks. 
Living Wall Hero Gallery Green Oasis 20236


  • Made with POD Living Plant Wall System
  • Entrance wall is two stories high
  • Internally plumbed into automatic irrigation system
  • Pod living plant wall system two story indoors

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    Project Components

    Double pod Render.115

    Green Oasis POD System
    Our unique, modular Living Wall system made it possible to house living plants and easy to install into the project.
    Learn More About PODS Here.

    GO RPH Living Wall leaves lo res

    Living Plants
    Inside the POD system are live plants that are kept lush and green via the self irrigating system.

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    Digital Renderings
    This project relied on at-scale digital renderings to ensure project success and quality. We take pride in offering this service to our clients for highly customized projects like this one.

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