Our Process

Our collaboration process has served many clients well over the past 12+ years.
We like to make things as easy and productive as possible when it comes to bringing
Nature indoors.

Why Choose Green Oasis?


12+ years working with our clients on custom solutions. No two projects are the same and we pride ourselves on asking the right questions to get the answers we need to craft the perfect solutions for your space, timelines, and budgets.


When dealing with custom solutions, visuals are crucial. We provide digital renderings so you, and your clients, can edit or approve a project before anything goes to production.


We collaborate with stakeholders on any level, especially when we’re specified into full scale construction projects. We’ve made multiple projects based on provided architectural drawings and crafted some of our own to ensure success of the project.


We have an engineering team onsite and trusted partners who help us bring your vision to life with quality.

Some of the Industries We Service






We Work With Clients All Over the U.S.

How We Work With You


Many of our clients have never our product range before, but are interested in offering it to their clients/specifying them into projects. We are there every step of the way to provide you with the knowledge you need to clarify your vision.


Whether you have a vision you need fulfilled or need some help crafting the perfect product, we have lots of experience in both. Tell us about your project, the timeline, the budget and we’ll handle the details.


We know how crucial it is to have something to show stakeholders to help make informed decisions. We provide renderings of your projects that help convey what the finish product should look like.


Some interior design projects can take years. Some projects have roadblocks. Anything can happen and we are always willing to address any concerns and stay flexible with your ongoing projects. Call us anytime during business hours and reach a real person, not a machine.


While we don’t have a Domino’s Pizza Tracker (yet) for our products, we do send photo updates throughout the creation phase to make sure we are on track and you and your clients are happy.


Your success is our success. We love delivering products that make our clients happy. Our team works hard to ensure that we are delivering the best solutions in the industry.

Rendering Services

We help you bring your vision to life with the use of digital renderings. These are not exact depictions of a final product but are created to scale and help provide project stakeholders a point of reference to sign off on projects.

Renderings are a great tool for:

          – Stakeholder buy-in
          – Overall design: creation / materials / final design
          – Choosing best product for specific spaces