Buyers Guide to 3D Renderings
for Green Wall Projects

How to work with a Product Designer and Get Your Ideas Into Renderings Like a Pro

Featuring Product Designer Josh Bird of Green Oasis

3D renderings are a crucial tool in the design industry because it bridges the gap between a client’s vision and the final product. You’ve got an idea, a concept, something that you want to see made real and renderings are the next step to bring it to fruition.

Maybe you aren’t sure what you want, you’ve got some ideas, but nothing solid. A rendering is a great way to see if what you have in mind is the right choice, or even the right direction. When buying custom, being able to view an image of a product that does not yet exist is invaluable. It creates trust in the process.

Our Green Wall rendering service makes a world of difference in ensuring that our clients get the product they want in their projects.
Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss Plants2

Green Wall Renderings

We have been providing Moss Wall renderings for clients for over two years, and have seen the difference it creates in the buying process. Living Wall renderings are also Green Oasis standard for every project. Interior designers, architects and contractors are accustomed to this kind of service, as they provide it for their own clients. Sometimes our renderings become a part of their own client presentations.

If you are about to embark on your path to getting your own Green Wall for a project, we’ve compiled a list of the top things you should know to make this a successful process. Our own product designer Joshua Bird, who has personally created our library of 3D materials used to create our clients renderings, has put together most of this list.

At the end of this list you’ll be ready to easily jump over simple mistakes, request needed assets from team members/clients, and be well on your way to getting your rendering in record time.
Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss Plants3

DESIGN: Moss Wall

If you do not have a design in mind already, pick a design style that is appealing to you from our standard palettes. We have four standard design patterns:
  • Single type of moss
  • Organic Mix
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Natural Flow

    It is very easy to select a pattern then customize it to your liking. This is all covered in the consultation phase.

    Another option is to provide an inspirational image of a moss wall that can be used as a reference for your custom renderings. We encourage all clients to view our Project Inspiration Page for references.
  • Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss Plants

    DESIGN: Living Wall

    One of the important aspects of placing living plants indoors is knowing what plants to use. Available lighting, airflow, and humidity to name a few things are important to know about the space you want to place your plants in so they can thrive.

    We have a premade list of the best plants to use in Living Walls available for you to decide how you would like to design your wall. Plants are also subject to availability, but the ones we’ve listed are typically available. Living Plant wall designs are made simpler and faster using our plant list and rendering service.

    One of the many benefits of our Live Wall system is that it is modular. The system houses a series of grow pots that can easily be moved around making design, installation and even replacements very simple.
    Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss walls


    Confirm dimensions of the wall and how many walls are needed (ex: 2 walls, Wall 1 is 3 ft wide and 6ft tall, Wall 2 is 8 ft wide and 4 ft tall) We need field verified measurements to ensure the moss wall fits just perfectly. We know that renderings are exciting, but this is one step that cannot be taken lightly or rushed through.

    Renderings become the work orders for our production team and must be accurate. While moss on felt substrate can be trimmed on site, it can’t be increased. Moss on plywood substrate cannot be altered and would have to be sent back to Green Oasis where we would have to remake it for a change order fee.
    Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss walls2

    Revisions to Renders

    If adjustments are needed, we will reach out to set up a meeting to discuss what needs to change, and how to make the wall that is perfect for you. Discussing these needed changes via Zoom meeting rather than multiple emails back and forth saves everyone a lot of time and effort and gets you to your final product faster.
    Green Wall 3D Renderings Moss Plants4

    Final product

    Once the render and elevations are approved they are moved into our streamlined production process. The design is laser etched onto the substrate for the project and trimmed to fit your space exactly.

    After the substrate has been prepped it moves into our moss room where our trained team of moss artisans adhere the various types of moss into the design with care. The finished product is then photographed for the clients approval. It is then carefully packed onto a palette and shipped out.
    Get a free project quote when you fill out this quick form. Once you hit “send”, a project specialist will be assigned to you and get you quotes, lead times, and more.

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