Project Overview

Living Plant Wall
for Corporate Office

Green Wall with Living Plants utilizing
the POD Living Plant Wall System

Annapolis, Maryland

Client: Alliance Architecture /website
Project: Hannon Armstrong Corporate Office
Project Specialist: Sheldon Burrows, Green Oasis


Meyer Design’s client was upfront about their desire to incorporate Biophilic Design in their space utilizing a Green Wall. They provided inspiration images and made it clear that this was important to the project.
Hannon Armstrong fish tank Green Oasis Live Wall


POD System
This wall was achieved with the Green Oasis POD Living Wall System. They are fully enclosed, the water runs behind the plants inside the PODS and drains down to the bottom

The design is an organic mix of tropic plants that fill the wall. The system not visible to the eye as the plants have grown in.
Hannon Armstrong in situ Green Oasis Live Wall


  The millwork around the system also houses the automatic irrigation system. The bottom panels open up to allow access to the system.
Hannon Armstrong side view Green Oasis Live Wall

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Project Components

Double pod Render.115

Green Oasis POD System

Our unique, modular Living Wall system made it possible to house living plants in the unique patterns you see on both sides of the wall.

Learn More About PODS Here.

Automatic irrigation cabinet
Automatic Irrigation System
This Wall will stay green all year around largely because it’s covered in preserved moss. It requires no watering, sunlight, or maintenance of any kind. 

Learn More About Irrigation
GO RPH Living Wall leaves lo res

Living Plants
Inside the POD system are live plants that are kept lush and green via the self irrigating system.

3d rendering curved plant walls
Digital Renderings
This project relied on at-scale digital renderings to ensure project success and quality. We take pride in offering this service to our clients for highly customized projects like 405.

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