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How Long Will A Moss Wall Last?

How Long Will A Moss Wall Last?

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It’s easy to see the beauty and appeal of Moss Walls. They are gaining popularity in retail, hospitality, restaurants and even the healthcare industry. The design possibilities are endless, and the response to nature indoors is overwhelmingly positive!

We know your underlying question is more about the quality of a moss wall. Questions are a good thing and we seek to answer your question of the life span of a moss wall below.

Let’s review the attributes of a moss wall that keep it going strong for years to come.
preserved moss
It's Preserved

As we covered in our Is Moss Alive? article, we use preserved moss in our products. What this means is that it looks and feels like living moss, but it never needs water or sunlight. This process is what allows Moss Walls to last for years while staying lush and green. It also created the ability for moss to be dyed in different colors, like our Reindeer moss which comes in 14+ colors.

This feature is what makes Moss Walls a viable long term product, but there are a few more components that contribute to making it a ‘quality’ product.

moss substrates

Substrate is the material which the moss is anchored to so it can be applied to the desired space. Selecting the correct substrate is crucial because it impacts cost, weight and installation.

We have seen everything from cardboard to heavy aluminum substrates in tiny reception rooms. The correct substrate is a good indicator of quality control and client satisfaction. When you describe your project needs, we can recommend the correct substrate.

Most of our walls are created on a durable acoustic felt, ideal for its lightweight flexibility and ability to be cut/adjusted on site with ease. This substrate can be cut with precision for any project requirements. For walls that require signage, it automatically requires a ¼” Baltic Birch Plywood substrate. This supports the moss and the signage and still keeps the overall weight at a reasonable level.

making a moss wall
We spent several years testing a range of adhesives and we have found which one that works the best for both moss and substrate types. While we can’t share our “secret sauce”, we can attest to the fact that a quality adhesive is just as important to the product quality as the rest!

Even though it’s preserved, working with our moss is still working with organic material. Ensuring that it stays in place when installed vertically is of great importance.
Untitled design 12 1
Ideal Conditions
With all that being said, Moss Walls do require a bit of forethought to be successful in their final destination. When we have clients in arid places like Arizona, we are sure to issue simple instructions of occasionally ‘misting’ the moss wall if they use reindeer moss in their design.

While preserved, the moss still absorbs humidity – if the air is dry it maintains it look but does feel stiff, a light misting will quickly solve this. If you are not touching it, no one would notice the difference and as soon as the humidity goes back up above 35%, the moss will absorb on its own. Other types of preserved moss need no care in these climates.

Additionally, because the moss is dyed with a safe, food grade dye, we recommend that your moss wall is for indoors only and out of direct sunlight. Like anything, the sun can fade the colors of your wall. If the windows are UV treated this may create an exception. Our project specialists are prepared to make recommendations for these situations.
6 1

We typically predict a 10 year lifespan on our moss walls but it is likely even longer as our methods and materials have been improved over our 12 years of production.

Whatever questions you have about Moss walls, we are here to help, please reach out with any other questions and our team will be on it. You can reach us at: or, click the button below to schedule a meeting with one of our project managers.

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