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How to Pitch Moss Walls in Client Presentations

Top Concepts that Get Client Buy-In For Moss Walls

You’ve seen the growing number of incredible Moss Walls being incorporated into offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. You know a moss wall would be great for one or more projects you’ve got in your pipeline. You’ve got the vision, now you just need a ‘bit’ of guidance to increase chances of client-buy in.  

You’ve come to the right place. We have the top moss wall concepts our clients come to us with and now we are sharing them with you. Let’s get started.

1. Environmental/Ambience

Untitled design 12 1
Goosehead Insurance, Corporate Offices | Dallas, TX

The Concept: The impact of a moss wall is undeniable when done correctly. It brings feelings of connectedness and luxury to a space. While we (humans) can’t entirely put our finger on what the feeling is, natural elements draw us to a space, command our attention, and have deeper affects on our mood and experience than we may realize. The entire premise of Biophilic Design is based on this connection.

The Pitch: “Moss Walls create an instant connection between people and indoor spaces, capitalizing on our innate attraction to nature.”

GO Northern Lights Apts moss wall
Northern Lights Luxury Apartments Coworking Space
GO Northern Lights Apts moss wall 5
Northern Lights Luxury Apartments Coworking Space

2. Acoustic Comfort

The Concept: All of the preserved moss types we use here at Green Oasis rank at a .55 or higher on the NRC scale. (0 being the least sound absorbent, 1.0 being the greatest) Acoustic comfort is a top priority in environments designed for focus and connection. Dampen echoey common areas or add a unique feature in a bare-wall meeting room.  

The Pitch: “People are interrupted an average of 11 times per hour. Moss walls are a beautiful and natural way to reduce ambient distractions for the comfort of people using the space. “

moss walls
Two story mixed-moss installation for private client. | Detroit, Michigan
Moss Wall
Pillow Moss As An Attractive Acoustic Wall Panel | Billiards Client in Philidelphia

3. Branding / Values

branding with moss walls
Pillow Moss As An Attractive Acoustic Wall Panel | Billiards Client in Philidelphia

The Concept: One of the top applications of moss walls is the logo back drop. Whether it’s simply a unique way to show off a company logo or to convey human + environmental values, it works.   

The Pitch: “Make a lasting impression on every visitor, client and employee who encounters a brand/company’s top visual asset: their logo.”

Green Oasis Bitdefender Moss Wall wide
Bitdefender Logo Backdrop Installation | San Antonio, TX
GO Northern Lights Apts moss sign
Northern Lights Luxury Apartments Neon Logo Detail
While those are the top concepts to be inspired by in your client presentations, we can’t forget the biggest reasons why Moss Walls are a great choice (not matter the end use).
  • Moss is preserved and therefore never needs watering or sunlight. They are MAINTENANCE FREE. (as in $0 maintenance costs)
  • The preservation process allows your moss walls to stay lush and green for up to 10+ years!
  • Although it’s preserved, studies show that even the appearance of natural elements in a space provide close to the same benefits in people as having living plants nearby.
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