Green Oasis branding with moss

Top 3 Branding Ideas with Moss Walls

Top 3 Branding Ideas Using Moss Walls

#3 - 100% Moss

branding with moss walls
Photo Courtesy of DTank

Not the “go to” solution for logos but when it works it WORKS! One of the underrated aspects of Moss Walls is that they can compliment a spectrum of interior styles. This Goosehead word mark (above) crafted completely from Reindeer Moss in Forest and Cream lends itself to the upscale modern office space it sits in. 

Alternatively, this framed logo wall for Biolage Hair by Matrix fits in perfectly with the trendy brand aesthetic. 

GO Moss Wall Logo Concept8
GO Moss Wall Logo Concept3
GO Moss Wall Logo Concept7

#2 - Acrylic

The “tried and true” approach to executing brand-standard logos on moss walls. Does this equal ‘boring’? Never! Acrylics are equally versatile and ensures clients ability to get brand colors and dimensions perfectly executed. Get creative with the moss wall while delivering a perfect brand asset for yourself or your clients. 

GO Moss Wall Logo Concept

#1 - LED Light

GO Moss Wall Logo Concept2

We see the LED Light Moss Wall inquiry the most from our clients that are looking to create a specific experience in their spaces. We work closely with clients and vendors alike to craft exactly the look you are going for. There is no box in which LED lit Moss Walls live! 

See our Case Study page on 405 Colorado Here.

Those are our Top 3 Branding with Moss Walls applications. Which one was your favorite? Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments!


If you are interested in getting a quote for your own project, contact us here and one of our project specialists will reach out directly. 

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