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Reduce Echo. Increase Focus.

Bring calm into high-traffic, hard-surface spaces
with our sound-dampening moss SereniTiles.

Specify premium moss wall tiles and order
them at your convenience.

What Are SereniTiles?

Our acoustic moss wall tiles feature preserved Reindeer Moss, which serves as both a natural design element and an effective sound-absorbing material, creating a more peaceful and visually appealing environment.

Just like our full-sized Moss Walls, these never need watering or sunlight.

Hexagon Moss Wall Tile



Metal Frame Reindeer Moss Wall Tile



Peel-n-stick installation

acoustic rated

Multiple Colors

multiple shapes

Real Moss


Acoustic Rated

Our moss wall tiles have an NRC Rating of .55
in addition to the acoustic felt substrate.

Easy Installation

The Peel-n-Stick adhesive makes
mounting our moss tiles quick and easy.

Easy to Specifiy

Use our free 3D files to incorporate directly into your project designs Download Here.

Zero Maintenance

Our tiles are created with preserved Reindeer Moss. It looks and feels like living moss, but never needs water or sunlight.


Moss Wall Tiles

Mix colors and/or shapes to create an appealing feature wall.

Serenitiles product images3

Full Wall

Peel-n-Stick tiles make it effortless to create entire Moss Walls in any space.

The Moss and substrate backing can be cut for a tailored fit.


Moss Tile Colors are Subject to Availability.

How to Specify SereniTiles Moss Tiles

1. Select a Shape

Select your shape based on its final application. Keep in mind that our Square and Hexagon moss wall tiles only come in 12″ x 12″.

2. Select Colors

Our Preserved Reindeer Moss Tiles are available in several shades of green.

3. Select Sizes

Only our Round SereniTiles are available in multiple sizes at the moment. It comes in 12″, 18″ and 36″ and has a powder-coated metal frame.

Moss Wall Tiles Details

Acoustic ComfortOur Reindeer Moss Tiles have an acoustic NRC rating of .55

MaterialsSereniTiles are composed of a durable felt substrate with peel-n-stick adhesive with a layer of Preserved Reindeer Moss.

Self Service – We made ordering moss wall tiles easy with our online self-checkout. Designers, Architects, and General Contractors can place their order and receive it in 2-4 weeks.

Surface Wall
Composition Polyester + Preserved Moss
NRC Rating .55
Thickness 2"
Dimensions 12" x 12"
Fire Test ASTM E84 CLASS A
Lead Times 2-4 Weeks

Guide to SereniTiles Moss Wall Tiles

Everything you need to know about SereniTiles to specify and purchase confidently.

View and download this guide to reference at your convenience.

How Sound Absorption is Measured: NRC Scale

A functional aspect of preserved moss wall tiles is their acoustic absorption abilities. The Noise Reduction Coefficient scale rates a product’s ability to make its immediate space quieter on a scale of .0 – 1.0.

Our moss tiles have been tested for their NRC rating with Pole Moss coming in at 0.90 NRC and Reindeer Moss at 0.55 NRC.

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