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Cost of a Moss Wall

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Trying to find out what the cost of a moss wall is? You’re in the right place.

Most people have never bought a moss wall before so, when they are researching, one of the first questions we get is “How much do they cost?” A very fair question and worth answering in a straightforward, uncomplicated way!

Like buying a car, there are a lot of factors that affect the price of a moss wall. Things like the 

– types + quantities of moss used 
– the size of the wall 
– the substrate (or backing)
– frame or edging finish
– whether signage is included
– installation + shipping
-and when preserved plants or other materials are included in the design 

All of these affect the final number. Let’s take a better look at each of these.

Moss Wall

Moss Types – this is one of the large costing factors. Flat Moss (also known as Sheet Moss) is the most cost effective type of moss and starts at $55/ foot. While it’s a beautiful moss, large areas of it may get monotonous and is often be mixed into designs which helps reduce the overall costs. Next up is Reindeer moss which runs about $75/ square foot, this happens to be one of the more popular types of moss. Then there is Pillow Moss, this runs about $80/ square foot. At the top end we have Pole or Bunn moss which run about $115/ square feet. This is the most recognizable moss type with its 3D appearance.

preserved moss

Substrate – Our standard backing or substrate is acoustic felt board or an MDF board which is included in our standard pricing. We also often use a baltic birch ply if there are structural consideration which can add a small amount to the cost. Structural consideration includes appended signage. 

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Edge Finish – The edge detail don’t often have a large effect on the overall pricing but can ad $5-10/ square foot. One factor that that effects the frame cost is on large walls, this generally has to be done on-site due to shipping constraints, the cost of this is dependent on local labor rates.

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Installation – Installation is another cost that is generally influenced by the local labor rate. Green Oasis does offer complete turnkey pricing including the option of sending our crew from Texas to either oversee installation or actually complete the installation with one of our team members.

Green Oasis Bitdefender Moss Wall wide

Signage – Signage is pretty self explanatory, we do a lot of walls with signs and they range all over the map in to broad of a range to include here. From classic acrylic to trendy neon lights, we source exactly what you need for your wall. This is an optional addition to a Moss wall to be kept in mind if that’s what you are looking for. 

405 backside view 2

Preserved/Artificial plants – this adds another dimension to preserved moss walls. These can be small accents or large portions of the wall and generally run about $80/ square foot.

So, when we respond to the question of how much does a moss wall cost with it depends you now know why! Our team of project managers would enjoy discussing your project with you as well as providing an exact price. If you are looking for a budget number, figuring on a price of $75-$120/ square foot is generally a safe bet. If this doesn’t fit your budget, there are other options which our team would happy to share.

Thank you for your interest, I trust you get to enjoy the benefits of preserved in one of your design projects soon – we are looking forward to discussing that with you! 

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