Green Oasis how to make a moss wall

How is a Moss Wall Made?

How To Make A Moss Wall

What it takes to create our zero-maintenance vertical gardens.

One of the top questions about moss walls is how they are assembled. This simple but crucial information is the key to unlocking how to design with moss. Additionally, it will also give you a greater appreciation of the process it takes to create a moss wall. This process may be different from other Moss Wall providers, we will give you the 411 on how we do things at Green Oasis.

Let’s start with the basics.

making a moss wall
Types of Moss

Sometimes it helps to think of moss as organic tiles. Every piece of moss is a tile that is placed specifically to create the overall desired look of the wall. We use preserved moss that stays green and soft for 10+ years with no water, sunlight, or pruning. Zero maintenance guaranteed. Learn more about this in our blog post Is Moss Alive?

To view our Moss Spec Sheet, Click here.

moss substrates

A feature we pride ourselves on is our substrate. Why is this important? The substrate is the foundation of our moss walls and important to the longevity of the product.

We use an acoustic felt substrate that reduces the weight of the final product, increases the acoustic properties of the moss wall, and is an overall higher quality product that maintains the integrity of the wall. It can be cut to any size and shape with precision (picture of goosehead hexagon wall here), and is installed easilyand is flexible enough to form to curved or convex walls when needed.

As an alternative we also use baltic birch ¼ plywood and aluminum when the project calls for rigidity or structure (most commonly when there is signage mounted on the moss).

The pieces of moss are adhered to the substrate using a top secret adhesive process glue (after years of testing, this process glue has stood the test of time!) and ensures that all pieces are secured and seams are smoothed. Each moss piece is applied by hand.

405 colorado rendering

Whether you are looking for a framed moss installation or a space-informed design, the process is the same. The typical process starts from an inspiration piece provided by a design professional. We can also use previous project photos and modify the design to fit the space. From the inspiration piece,  our team will help you create your desired design in a computer generated rendering for approvals, and this becomes the spec sheet our production team uses to create your custom project.

Our in-house team has helped multiple clients with custom design moss walls. We provide the services of an in-house designer who works with our Project Specialists to help create the vision for your moss wall.


Once the design is finalized and approved, production will work their magic creating the preserved moss wall panels. Upon completion, an actual shop photo will be sent for approval and then on to crating. Our production team goes to great lengths to build secure crates that ensure the moss wall arrives safely.

Installation is simple. We provide comprehensive guides for third party installers or send one of our team members to handle the job. We handle every step of the process from beginning to end.

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