Moss Walls For An Office

Experience the magic of nature inside your space with our Moss Wall for Office Use. Our moss green walls are more than just decor — they’re a breath of fresh air in your daily grind, a stunning statement of your company’s commitment to sustainability, and an enhancement to the well-being of your staff. Get a quote today and keep reading to discover how our moss wall decor can revolutionize your workspace. It’s not just a wall — it’s an experience.







Why a Moss Wall for Offices?

 Getting a moss wall for office use is like inviting the tranquility of the forest into your workspace. But it’s more than just a visual spectacle — it’s a testament to sustainability, a boost to your brand’s image, and an investment in employee well-being. Imagine your team immersed in an environment that breathes life into every corner, prompting inspiration and creativity at every turn.

Our moss walls aren’t just beautiful — they’re functional. With a moss wall in your office, you’ll see an improvement in your team’s focus and productivity as they enjoy a fresher, cleaner atmosphere.

Also, our moss walls require minimal maintenance. Unlike regular plant walls, they don’t need sunlight or watering, making them a fuss-free, sustainable addition to your office. So, you get to enjoy the benefits of greenery without the extra work.

A moss wall can also significantly enhance the acoustic properties of your office space, absorbing sound and reducing echo. It’s a simple yet powerful way to create a serene, focused workspace that encourages productivity. Transform your office with a moss wall today!

How Green Office Walls Liven a Space

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Preserved Moss

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Acoustic Felt Substrate

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Green office walls are more than just a design trend — they’re a source of life and vitality. The lush greenery of a moss wall infuses an aesthetic vibrancy that stimulates the senses and fosters a deeper connection with nature. As eyes rest on the plush moss textures and intricate patterns, it becomes a conversation starter, a spot of intrigue, and a center of calm amidst the bustling office environment.
But the impact goes beyond aesthetics. Green office walls have a tangible effect on the atmosphere of the workspace. Studies suggest that proximity to nature, even in the form of indoor greenery, can help reduce stress and increase productivity. It’s no wonder that forward-thinking businesses are turning to green walls as a way to cultivate a healthier, happier, and more inspiring workplace. With a moss wall, you’re not just changing a wall — you’re transforming the entire office experience.

Ways to Use a Moss Wall in the Office

Types of Moss Walls for Office Use

Our different moss walls for offices offer unique benefits to your environment, providing natural aesthetic appeal, acoustic comfort, and a touch of biophilic design.
Pole Moss Walls

Indoor Preserved Moss Walls

An indoor Preserved Moss Wall can transform your space with a nature-inspired touch. Crafted from preserved moss, they can improve air quality, reduce noise, and create an inviting atmosphere. The preserved moss used in these walls remains lush and green, requiring no water, sunlight, or pruning, making it a sustainable, low-maintenance design feature.
Reindeer Moss Walls


SereniTiles moss tiles are a versatile option for introducing a natural element into an urban space. These tiles feature preserved Reindeer Moss, which not only serves as a visually appealing design element but also as an effective sound-absorbing material. The tiles have an NRC Rating of .55, reducing ambient noise effectively. The Peel-n-Stick adhesive backing makes mounting these tiles quick and easy. Like the moss walls, SereniTiles are a zero-maintenance solution.
Pillow Moss Walls

Indoor & Outdoor Living Walls

We also offer living walls for those who want to bring natural plant life to their indoor office space or the outdoor urban area surrounding the office. We use POD Living Wall Systems which we believe is the best plant wall system for many reasons.
Flat Moss Walls
While living moss walls do require maintenance, the trade-off is a gorgeous, living piece of nature that will delight everyone in your workspace.

Office Moss Wall Benefits

                                   Moss walls for offices offer a wealth of benefits, improving the environment for everyone.

Calming Effect on Employees

Bringing nature indoors has been associated with a calming effect on individuals. Moss walls, with their natural and serene appearance, can help create an environment that reduces anxiety and depression among employees. Exposure to such nature-inspired elements has been shown to have positive psychological benefits.

Little to No Maintenance

One of the major advantages of preserved moss walls and tiles is their zero-maintenance nature. Unlike traditional living plants, these preserved moss elements never need watering, sunlight, or pruning, making them an excellent choice for busy office settings. Living walls, however, do require maintenance, but it is not extensive.

moss wall signage

Improved Acoustics in the Office

Moss walls and tiles are known for their sound-absorbing properties, significantly improving the acoustics within an office space. They minimize ambient noise from foot traffic and hard surfaces, thus enhancing acoustic comfort and promoting a more serene and enjoyable environment. The noise reduction is quantified by the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating, with SereniTiles boasting an NRC rating of .55 and Pole Moss coming in at 0.90 NRC.

Sustainable & Natural

Preserved moss walls and tiles are an eco-conscious choice for office spaces. They are made from preserved moss, which does not require watering, thus minimizing water consumption in the long run. By opting for these moss walls, offices can embrace an environmentally friendly option while enjoying the aesthetic and practical benefits of these sustainable, low-maintenance designs.

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Office Moss Wall FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About Moss Walls for an Office

Read some of the common questions we get about our moss walls.
We do have artificial plants available. However, our standard indoor moss walls for offices are made of "preserved moss," which is natural moss that is no longer alive and does not require water or sunlight and is much more realistic than artificial plants.
Our preserved moss walls for office use come in four styles:
  • Pillow Moss
  • Flat Moss
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Pole/Bun Moss
The usual lead time for indoor preserved moss walls in offices is about six to eight weeks, but it depends on the specifics of your project. We'll guide you through the process during consultation.

I'm ready to get a moss wall in my office — how do I start?

Ready to transform your office with a moss wall? Don’t wait! Contact Green Oasis today for a free consultation and quote. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, helping you choose the perfect moss wall for your office’s needs. We’re excited to help you create a serene, nature-inspired workspace that benefits both your employees and the environment. Reach out to us now and let’s bring your Green Oasis to life!

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