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heat island effect

Greenery and the Heat Island Effect

How Greenery Mitigates the Heat Island Effect Why Greenery Should Be A Part of All Urban Planning Indoors and Out The Heat Island Effect refers

What is biophilic design blog assets

We Answer: What is Biophilic Design?

What is Biophilic Design? An in-depth look at the concept that’s radically influencing the Future of Urban Living Biophilic Design Biophilic design is a concept

Green Oasis Moss Color Guide blog header

Moss Color Guide

Moss Color Guide Improve Your Moss Wall Designs through Color Why This Guide? We have been designing Moss Walls for big companies as well as

Green Oasis 3D Renderings

Buyers Guide to 3D Renderings for Green Wall Projects

3D renderings are a crucial tool in the design industry because it bridges the gap between a client’s vision and the material world. You’ve got an idea, a concept, something that you want to see made real and renderings are the next step to bring it to fruition.